Change In the Ranks

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The Rockford Police Department is making changes.

Just last week they announced that they would scale back overtime in order to not have to lay off officers. The savings will also make sure that the budget allows for Police Chief Steve Pugh's plan to re-organize the department.

With a right hand oath and a signature of commitment, four new deputy chiefs were promoted in the Rockford Police Department. Already Deputy Chief Dominic Iasparro was promoted earlier.

Under Chief Pugh's plan there will be five divisions under his supervision currently there are only two. These new divisions are administrative services, training and personnel, and patrol. Deputy Chief Jeff Morris will head the patrol division. Morris says with a tight budget he'll have to be creative when it comes to increasing visibility.

The final two divisions are the detective bureau and a brand new division called special operations. Under Lt. Greg Lindmark’s direction Pugh says problem areas or crime trends like the recent graffiti and vandalism sprees can be better addressed.

This is the biggest change in the organization of the department since 1985. But all involved say they don't want to have the highest crime rate in the state.

Chief Pugh says there is a trade-off for the reorganization. He lost two lieutenants and the city will have to spend $2,000 more. Pugh says the increase in effectiveness and efficiency of the department should make it all worth the cost.