Local Club Reacts

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The recent nightclub tragedies have local club owners taking a closer look at safety precautions.

LT's bar and grill in Rockford says the fire department has been one step ahead of the situation. In the last few months they updated safety requirements for club owners.

Lt's owner Todd Gage says he invested thousands of dollars to protect his customers. His business is equipt with a total of five doors, emergency lighting, properly lit exits and safety mechanisms on doors...

"We have on some of the doors is called panic bars - locked from the outside, but if on the inside and want to leave, just push door and it opens up," said Gage, owner of LT's Bar and Grill.

While LT's does not have foam ceilings, like the club in Rhode Island, Gage says they are common because they produce better sound.

"But then you have a fireworks display and your blowing sparks into a ceiling - it's like pouring gas on a match," Gage said.

The fireworks that went off were the same kind used at Rockford's first night celebration. The show producer believes rules were broken in Rhode Island.

"It's highly unlikely that they were observing the rules in terms of distance from whatever the fireworks they were using - it's unlikely they were 25 feet away from a flammable surface," said Gage.

But even without fireworks displays, the Rockford Fire Department says there are other ways emergencies arise. Patrons need to be responsible.

"You as a patron need to go and check and see and if you see a problem, go and see the manager," said Chief Frank Schmitt, Fire Prevention Division.

Now Gage says a tip for club goers is to be aware of your surroundings. look around and find the nearest exit so you know where to go in case of an emergency.