New South Beloit Subdivision

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The future entrance to Twin Oaks subdivision, named for the two trees standing in prominence, it's a project south Beloit Mayor Randy Kirichkow has been working on for a year.

"We recently annexed 226 acres on the west side. The main entrance is on South Bluff, the other entrance is on Fisher Road on the west side," says Kirichkow.

Belvidere developer Tom Howlett is planning on building 260 single family homes and 500 condos. The condos will start at $150,000, the homes between $150 and $220,000."

When the entire project is completed, which will take an estimated five to seven years, Krichikow says the development will have an assessed value of $130 million.

"Residential drives commercial, and in turn the commercial creates the sales tax. Our sales tax has increased over $1 million in last six years, so it will be a good thing for everybody involved," says Kirichkow.

The mayor says infrastructure improvements will start this spring to make way for the development, including upgrades to the sewer line.

"City will spend $700,000 upgrading the line underneath the river, so that the entire west side can develop," says Kirichkow.

Kirichkow says south Beloit is on a roll, more than 2,000 housing units approved in the last five years, growing businesses, and now a new, high-end subdivision on the horizon, he says things just couldn't get better.

Developer Tom Howlett says construction is slated to begin in May, the first phase of the project should be completed in the next one to two years.