Kody Walsh Murder Trial Pushed Back

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The man accused of murdering a woman and sparking a week long man-hunt has gotten his trial date pushed back as he now scrambles to prepare his defense without an attorney.

Kody Walsh’s trial was supposed to start on Monday, but since he’s just now taking over the case, he asked the judge for some extra time to prepare and the judge agreed.

Walsh also told Judge Truitt he plans on asking for a change of venue and a new judge because he feels like he won’t get a fair trial in Winnebago County because of all the media coverage surrounding the case.
Walsh is accused of shooting Lori Daniels last fall on I-90 then leading police on a week-long manhunt.
His trial is set to begin December 9th. Judge Truitt will decide on October 30th whether to grant Walsh’s motions on a new venue and judge.

There were some tense moments in the courtroom. Walsh made it very clear that he’s not happy with the December 9th trial date. Walsh argued with the judge that’s not enough time to prepare. Judge Truitt argued back that he’d already granted to the motion to set it back that far and he said he’s not going to move it back any further because Walsh isn’t ready.

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