Smoking Ban Proposal

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Lighting up at the bar could soon be history if some Illinois lawmakers get their way. They want to ban smoking in public places throughout our state.

This new law would make all public places in Illinois smoke free zones. That would make breathing a little easier for waitresses. But not all of their customers are thrilled about the idea.

Many restaurant owners worry a statewide smoking ban would keep many of their customers at home.

Some smoke free restaurants are profiting off their clean air. Eilert's Cocktail Lounge in Freeport has a steady stream of customers who want their hair to smell like shampoo, not an ash tray.

A manager at Old Chicago in Rockford thinks the new proposal would work better than city-wide smoking bans.

A committee approved the proposal this week. The law will now be considered by the full state house. Currently the decision is up to local governments. Illinois lawmakers passed a measure last year that gave individual cities the power to pass a smoking ban.