A Mothers Struggle to Keep Her Son's Murderer Behind Bars Struggle

On Wednesday Dale Dean Finch was interviewed for possible parole. Parole from a sentence he has been serving since the mid 70's for the murders of Michael Pixler and Randal Morton.

The victims’ families have been working hard to do everything they can to make sure Finch stays behind bars. Shirley Pixler Guthrie has spent months collecting over 8,000 signatures and several letters from local community groups. She does this every time Finch comes up for parole hoping that he will spend three more years locked up. If finch is turned down he could be up for parole as soon as next year, which would force the families of the victims to start the process all over again.

The parole board will examine the signatures and audio tape provided by the families of the victims on February 16th, and decide whether or not Finch will be paroled.