Architect Firm for New Jail Chosen

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The Public Safety Committee says Durrant is the best architect firm for the job. The company has already worked for the county. They did some of the jail sketches before the referendum passed.

Members of the Winnebago County Public Safety Committee say they were impressed by all of the four architect firms they interviewed, but something about Durrant really stood out.

"They just seemed to have their ducks perhaps in a little better of a row as far as the needs we had at this point," said Public Safety Committee Member Larry Bauer.

Reggie Taylor is also on the committee.

"I really liked the way they came to the community and they know what the community is about and they'll involve local firms," Taylor said.

Durrant will partner will two local businesses - Larson and Darby and P and G Architects. Durrant does have similar projects under its belt and according to the references the company provided its customers have been satisfied.

"I would be surprised if any firms were going to give me a name of anyone who wasn't going to give me a good reference," said Purchasing and Risk Management Manager Sally Claassen.

But Claassen says most of the references were law enforcement officials and she is confident they would speak honestly. She believes this project will be one the county will be proud of.

"As a taxpayer, I'm going to be working very hard to make sure this project comes within budget and on time," Claassen said.

Durrant is scheduled to make a presentation in front of the full board next week and that meeting will be open to the public. The Winnebago County Public Safety Committee decides on an architect for the new county jail and the firm they chose has a history with the county.