Trim-Rite Heads To Freeport

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Trim-Rite wanted to build a 9.5 million dollar hog processing plant in Winnebago County...just right off bypass 20 and Montague Road. But the company decided not to after the plant brought massive outrage from residents. That wasn't the only factor; there were some conflicts in purchasing the property.

"Did we get there? No. Are we disappointed about that? In many ways, yes. But we don't feel its left our region. Its still within regional reach for our citizens to have jobs there," says Janyce Fadden, from the Rockford Area Economic Development Council.

It’s already challenging luring businesses to our area, and since this disappointment city leaders are finding new ways to attract businesses by having strategies in place.

"We certainly can be better prepared. We could have areas designated where these types of industries are going to go. So then we wouldn't have this controversy."

Trim-Rite has no bad feelings towards Rockford, and is satisfied with the decision.

"It happened for a reason. I was able to meet people and come to this location which is far superior for me because its more of a rural location than the other location was. And it just worked better out here in the country," says Jim Jendruczek, President of Trim-Rite.

Even though it's not in Winnebago County, the whole region will reap the benefits. After all, if they build it, workers will come.