Superintendent Rumored To Be Leaving

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The fate of the Rockford Public School District is yet again the talk in the hallways and classrooms. This time around, the chit chat focuses on the head honcho, Superintendent Dr. Dennis Thompson. 23 News spent the day investigating allegations that Dr. Thompson is leaving District 205.

23 News went straight to the source and asked Dr. Thompson himself. In the district and on internet message boards rumors are flying about Thompson accepting a position in a Florida School District. The city that was being mentioned was Naples. 23 News Reporter Laura Gibbs asked him point blank, “Have you accepted a position in Naples?” Thompson said "No, I have not."

Naples was mentioned because four years ago Thompson applied to be Superintendent. The Naples School District confirmed that Dr. Thompson has not sent a new resume. The Florida School Board Association told 23 News that Thompson couldn't have applied for any Superintendent positions in Florida because up until this week there weren't any. Bow one district, Indian River is looking. So far his name isn't popping up on any Superintendent data bases and there is no data base for any cabinet positions. That doesn’t mean Thompson might not be in the running for a position with a Charter School or a Private School. So if Florida is out, what are the opportunities in front of him?

Thompson stated, "I have been contacted by other districts. There is a possibility that I may interview, I don't know right now. My preference is to stay in Rockford."

Thompson couldn't say if he would stay till the end of his contract but expressed that he wants to see out the challenges that lured him to the District. If Thompson were to leave, he would be required to give the district at least 30 days notice.