Caledonia Crossings

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Imagine living in a small community where everyone knows your name. But in a matter of a few months the size of your community quadruples. That's what could happen in Caledonia. Monday night the Planning Committee made a decision about a proposed development called Caledonia Crossings. It basically came down to the fact that there is strength in numbers. The Planning Committee unanimously voted no to any part of the plan to build 370 new homes in Caledonia.

Caledonia Crossings first came before the board in October of 2004. Even with many different changes to the layout, the community over and over again expressed concern that the project simply didn't fit in Caledonia. This is a small community of 200 people and that's the way a vast majority wants it to stay. Residents were worried about taxes, crime, traffic and preserving what's been classified as great farmland with rich soil.

Karen Yocum says, "I'm very pleased that the board listened to the voice of the people and tried to preserve the land that is so precious out here."

Alice VanBrocklin a member of the Planning Committee stated, "Personally I did not like the lay of the land as far as the 2nd revised concept. I liked the first one although we turned that one down too."

Now this is just one small victory for residents. Developer Jim Bassett will now take the proposal to the Caledonia Village Board. That meeting is on the third Tuesday of this month. At that point the Village Board could approve the plans and construction would begin on single family and attached ranch homes.