Area Teachers Tour Rockford's Manufacturing Facilities

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Kay Trinkle says this tour is a real eye opener. The Rockford school counselor has a completely different insight now on how to bring the real world of manufacturing to her students.

"I can see a lot of these folks coming and talking to our students and preparing them for what it looks like to have a job in an industry like manufacturing," says Trinkle.

One hundred teachers from Rockford’s school district were invited to get a first hand look at more than 20 manufacturing plants. The program is designed to help students choose their career paths, and give them a possible alternative to college.

"we're hearing that a good work ethic, being on time, problem solving, working together as a team and also having decent math skills will help. But we really want to be able to go back into our schools and help our students understand that there's a great world of work out there in the manufacturing field," says Kathy Cassioppi from the Rockford Public Schools.

Teachers learned what characteristics and skills plant managers are looking for in their staff. Now teachers will bring that knowledge back into their classrooms, helping perhaps to shape some future employees.