Fake Abduction

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Heather Mashaw says, "It was very shocking, very scary. A lot of people say its not going to happen to me, its not going to happen to me. I have to admit I was one of those people."

There was no shock or scare to 14 year old Heather Mashaw. Stephenson county police say nothing happened to Heather during last weeks alleged abduction.

"So we went back to the residents, spoke to her mother, interviewed and confronted her with the new conflicting evidence that we had. She broke down and told the investigator that she had made it up, and she was fearful because she had been out late that Monday night, “says David Snyders, from the Stephenson County Sheriff Department.

If you remember, Heather originally told police she was abducted last Monday afternoon while walking home from school. She claimed two men forced her into the back seat of a black pick-up truck. The teen said she was able to jump out of the truck and walk to a friend's home. She was taken to the hospital by her mom who was expecting her home several hours earlier.

Sheriff Snyders says investigators spent several hours looking into this alleged crime, only to find that there were too many inconsistencies in Heather's story. The sheriff thinks this is not the end of this affair, Heather will likely be charged with disorderly conduct and filling a false police report.