Euthanizing Too Many Animals?

No animal lover would ever want an adoptable dog or cat to be euthanized. The group Adopt Shelter Animals Please claims it's happening right here in Winnebago county, and they want everyone to know about it.

The group plans to protest the Winnebago County Animal Services at various high traffic areas across Rockford tomorrow. They say thousands of adoptable animals are needlessly killed in Winnebago County every year. They also claim that Animal Services is sitting on top of hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be used for saving animals lives.

Adopt Shelter Animals Please is the same group that demanded Animal Services director Gary Longanecker resign last spring. They claim Longanecker is not qualified for the position and is not doing his job.

Winnebago County Animal Services director Gary Longanecker gave no comment about the allegations. He did say that Animal Services will soon be releasing its yearly report, and that report will speak for itself.