Tollway Changes

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When the clock strikes midnight, your carriage won't turn into a pumpkin...but the Marengo and Belvidere toll plazas will certainly undergo a transformation. It's all part of the plan to convert the plazas to open road tolling.

"This is the first step that's going to be noticeable to the public for the open road tolling project, which will require us to remove half of the toll plaza at Marengo, and half of the plaza at Belvidere," says Tollway Spokesperson Joelle McGinnis.

Now, westbound tolls will be collected at Belvidere and eastbound tolls will be collected at Marengo.

"Instead of paying 40 cents at Belvidere and then 40 cents at Marengo, you're only going to pay 80 cents all together once at one location or another, depending on which direction you're traveling in," says McGinnis.

The eastbound plaza at Belvidere and the westbound plaza at Marengo will ultimately be taken down. Officials say a split traffic configuration will reduce congestion...and keep traffic moving during and after construction.

"By making this consolidation that will allow us to have more flexibility during the construction season. Because the toll plazas will stay where they are, but we have to take them down and rebuild them, and do it within the footprint that's out there," says McGinnis.

Actual construction will begin next month...the plazas will be converted to the new open road tolling plan by the fall.

Converting 20 toll plazas to open road tolling is part of the Tollway's 5.3 billion dollar congestion relief program, which will rebuild 90-percent of the system....