Buck Trial Security

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The high profile case is causing some delays around the courthouse Tuesday, as security was elevated for the trial.

Opening day of the Buck trial and a line stretches from the entrance of the Winnebago County courthouse down West State Street, catching court visitors off guard and creating some headaches.

"This is not the normal crowd this time of the morning," said Mark Rouleau.

It isn't a normal day at the courthouse. Security is elevated as the high profile case opens and visitors to the courthouse are noticing some changes.

"Usually if something beeps on you, they'll just go by your earrings or your boots. Today they're doing a very thorough job. They'll make you put your coat through the X-ray machine. They're doing everything," said Anetra Smith.

Our cameras are not allowed on the third floor of the courthouse where the trial is taking place. But the trial appears to be effecting operations upstairs as well.

"It's not nice. There are lawyers everywhere. I mean people out in the hallways standing against the walls. It's terrible. You can't even walk around or get to the other courtrooms. The people out here in line are going to have some trouble getting to their courtrooms just because of one case," Smith said.

Winnebago County Sheriff Richard Meyers says his team has plenty of experience with big cases and expects the next few weeks to go smoothly.

"It's kind of another day at work with a little more emphasis on particular areas but that's the business were in. Every day brings with it new challenges," said Sheriff Meyers.

We're told at least seven sheriffs deputies and security officers are stationed in and around the courthouse. Sheriff Meyers says courthouse visitors should expects delays for the duration of the trial and patience and cooperation will speed up the process.