Jefferson High School Incidents

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Jefferson High School parent Felicia Rogers says she was concerned when her 15-year-old son came home from school on Wednesday and told her what happened.

"He said there were a lot of fights, and he said police and everything were at the school," says Rogers.

Superintendent Dr. Dennis Thompson says three unrelated fights broke out on Wednesday. The first fight happened in a locker bay before school, involving four boys from two different gangs, the Gangster Disciples and the Latin Kings.

"Allegedly one pulled a taser weapon, but an extreme search revealed nothing," says Thompson.

The students were arrested, and disciplinary action was taken. There was another fight between two boys in a school suspension room and a third altercation between two girls in the lunchroom.

Wednesday night, some students notified their teachers after they saw an entry on the blog Web site Myspace, saying a gang member was going to bring a weapon to school on Thursday.

"The teacher called the principal, the principal called me around 9:15 last night and said I think it would be a good precaution to have some extra police officers, so I approved that," says Thompson.

There were no disturbances at the school on Thursday. Thompson says Wednesday was just an unusual day.

"I was most concerned about the gang thing. While we know we have gang members just like any other public high school in the nation, for the vast majority of the year, they've kept their business outside of the schools. I get concerned when they bring it inside the schools, just given the potential for danger it could have to other students. But this was an isolated incident; it was quickly taken care of," says Thompson.

Thompson says parents should not be fearful for their children’s safety. He says it was just a bad day.