Hispanic Catholic Protest

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They want him out, and several dozen Catholic parishioners are not being shy about it. They're picketing the Rockford Diocese in hopes of getting the head of the Hispanic ministry removed.

"The current vicar has taken that office, and has used that office only to advance his personal agenda of power, says" protester Angel Llavona.

Picketers say Monsieur Arquimedes Vallejo misused his power. They believe he's intimidating laypeople and clergy who disagree with him. Their priest in Crystal Lake was let go under Vallejo's administration and they believe he is the reason why.

Father Vallejo was unavailable for comment. But the Diocese is aware of parishioners concerns. Penny Wiegert, a spokesperson for the Rockford Catholic Diocese, defends him saying, he has a lot on his plate.

"Under his leadership we've been able to offer more than 49 masses in Spanish throughout the eleven county Dioceses."

Protesters are hoping that if Father Vallejo is let go they'll have more of a say in choosing the next Hispanic administrator.