Carbon Monoxide

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There's a hidden danger lurking in many of our homes that is especially dangerous in the winter. There's a feature in many new homes in the stateline that make them more prone to house this deadly poison.

There's an advantage to having a drafty old house in the winter. Cracks in doorways and windows allow fresh air in, and poisonous gases out. Newer homes are better insulated and airtight. The decreased ventilation increases our risk of being poisoned by carbon monoxide.

Fire officials say we need to be extra careful this time of year in the stateline. Shutting all the windows and turning up the heat can make a deadly combination. There's no way to see or smell carbon monoxide. So we won't know it's there until we start showing symptoms of being poisoned.

Besides buying a carbon monoxide detector... There are a few things we can do to protect ourselves. "The biggest thing is to have your appliances checked at the change of the seasons. Your furnace needs to be checked in spring and fall..when you shut off your air conditioner have your heater checked, your ducts cleaned," says Harlem Roscoe Deputy Fire Chief John Presley.

Water heaters can also be a source of carbon monoxide. Another reason to clean out those dryer lint traps - the vent blows carbon monoxide from dryers outside. So once in a while check to make sure it's not blocked.

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