Gambling Bust in Rockford

One man was already serving time in federal prison, but eight other Stateliners were arrested Wednesday morning. City detectives say the men were responsible for taking bets on football and basketball games for about 20 years.

Between the early eighties up to just a few years ago the gambling ring grossed well over $500,000. On Wednesday the men were formally charged. If they are found guilty of illegal sports betting they may be required to forfeit up to $500,000, along with possible prison time.

Though the gambling ring certainly isn’t responsible for all illegal betting in Rockford it is still a significant bust. Local police in coordination with the FBI have been monitoring the group for six years.

The following nine men will be tried in the federal court system.

Joseph W. Saladino/Currently in Federal Prison
John P. “tiger” Frisella of Rockford
Joseph F. “Pep” Fiorenza of Rockford
Nicholas T. Fiorenza of Machesney Park
Rick J. Fiorenza of Rockford
Charles A. Purin or Rockford
Frank C. Giardono or Loves Park
Nick Provenzano of Loves Park
John F. Salamone aka “John Finooch” “Don Finooch” “John Franks” of Rockford

Frank Saladino, who died last year, was named as an unindicted coconspirator.