Construction traffic has parents worried about their children's safety

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Some mothers living near the future Auburn and Main roundabout say they’re scared for the safety of their children now that the intersection will be shut down completely next week. Those who live nearby say the project is forcing more cars into their neighborhood.

A handful of parents in the area around Cumberland Street say driver avoiding the construction fly by their neighborhood ignoring posted stop signs. Those parents are asking for police to patrol the area more and more strictly enforce traffic laws so that there’s no chance of a child getting hurt.

But parents say the police aren't the only one’s responsible for making sure people are following the law; drivers need to be more aware.

“I make a yield even if there isn't a yield,” says Sue Perea. “Cars come plowing through here all the time.”

Police say they will be adding patrols to the area because of the shutdown. The intersection is expected to be closed from Monday to Tuesday September 24th. The entire roundabout project is expected to wrap up in mid-October.

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