More Time Needed On Caledonia Crossings

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The 1st subdivision alone would quadruple Caledonia's population. A Planning Committee meeting was held Tuesday night for board members to discuss a new project called Caledonia Crossings. The Committee decided that they need more time. Members did not feel comfortable making any recommendations to the Village Board so soon.

Caledonia residents take pride in their land and many want to keep the town small. Residents against the project say this village of 220 people would turn into a big city fast. A representative from the Boone County Conservation District surveyed the land. The results were not in favor of the developer, Bassett Management Services. Some changes have been made since the plans initially came out….now the lots are a minimum of 75 feet. Also 42 homes have been taken out of the picture in order to have more open space. Bassett was pushing for a decision Tuesday night but that didn't happen.

Planning Committee member Larry Radke says, “Jim Bassett's coming to us with different changes and it's unfair to people and to us to come up with a quick resolution to this. We need another week."

Developer Jim Bassett stated after the meeting, “There's a number of people here who have problems with septic system and drinking water. This would bring water treatment plant and sewer treatment plant and existing residents can connect to that.”

As it stands now the planning committee will meet next Monday in an attempt to come up with suggestions for the Village board. If the Planning Committee doesn't come up with a decision by a certain date then the Village Board could just vote on Caledonia Crossings no matter what and leave out Committee recommendations.