Durand School District Website

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Former Durand high school teacher and current Durand resident Ryan Funsfinn was surfing the Durand school district website when he came across something he says was disturbing.

"I saw some comments from teachers on the website that I felt were inappropriate for the website, comments that are used in the class and those types of things," says Funfsinn.

There's a page called the high school teacher feature. Webmaster Dennis Loofbou says he asked teachers for sound clips of some of the funniest things they say in class. But funfsinn says he doesn't find 3 comments, made by 3 different teachers, amusing. Here is the actual website audio.....

-"Alright you bunch of snots open up your books."
-"If you screw this up, I am going to make you cry in front of your friends."
-"Your mouth runs like a baby's butt."

"Maybe some of the students in class might say well, he jokes around a lot. But, for the most part, students in elementary or junior high that see that and don't know those teachers, they might get the wrong opinion. People that live in the district might get the wrong opinion. People who look at this website from outside the district might get the wrong opinion," says Funfsinn.

The webpage went up around mid-December. The district says the website has received nearly 12,000 hits in January alone, and the school has never received one complaint.

That's why Superintendent Greg Stott says he has no comment. The district says it won't respond until there's a formal complaint. The district also stresses that the webpage is meant to be lighthearted.

Funfsinn is planning to bring up his concerns during the next school board meeting.