ISP Begin Certifying Concealed Carry Instructors

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STATELINE (WIFR) – As Illinois gets closer to enacting concealed carry, state police begin certifying concealed carry instructors.

Brian Frayne is no stranger to handling a firearm which is why he’s applying to be a certified Illinois concealed carry instructor.

“Illinois residents, we understand it’s going to take a pretty long time,” said Frayne,” for the process to get in place and actually work.”

The Illinois State Police have certified seven concealed carry instructors since the application went up online last week. Frayne says he understands the process could take some time, but for him the wait is worth it.

"It's phenomenal,” says Frayne. “To bring a person into a range into a gun class and start out with them being terrified of the firearm itself and by the end of the day or the end of the class they're standing where I am now facing down range; they're loading and unloading the firearm; they're maintaining safety and how to handle a firearm; and they're putting shots on target; they're pride jumps way high and as that happens, as an instructor, you feel that much better about yourself."

When Brian is actually ready to start training people he’ll have to put them through 12 hours of classroom training and then four on the gun range.

“Sixteen hours is a lot,” says Kap Guns owner Kenny Polhamus. “With all the classes and stuff that’s supposed to be grandfathered in, it becomes an eight hour class which isn't terrible.”

Polhamus also applied to be an instructor and says people can take a basic pistol training course now to get some of the required concealed carry training out of the way.

“Once this curriculum is approved and we start running Illinois concealed carry classes,” said Polhamus, “[trainees] can jump right in and they only got eight hours to do.”

The Illinois State Police still must approve the training curriculum before instructors can start holding classes. We’re told that process could take months.

Even though the concealed carry law is coming closer to being enacted, there are still many people who oppose the law. Those people say concealed carry will only bring more crime to our area.

Frayne says it’ll likely be next year before people can get their concealed carry permit.

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