Screw City Beer Fest Provides Much Needed Fun

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A section of downtown was blocked off this afternoon so people could walk around and sample more than 130 different beers.

The third annual Screw City Beer Fest gave citizens of Rockford something to do Saturday afternoon with the absence of On the Waterfront.

Dozens of American craft breweries set up booths and even a Belgian beer section, which was new this year.

Event organizers say the festival is fun, but it's also a boost for the Forest City.

"All the downtown restaurants get packed from us, which I know is one thing they all love," said event organizer Chris Wachowiak. "So we provide about 2,000 customers to get inside the doors and make sure they had a good time."

This year's event was sold out with about 2,000 people attending.

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