Proposed Sewage Line Creating Disagreement Between Stateline Developers

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"It's going to be one of the most significant developments I think ever done in this area," Landmark Development's Bob Sanches said.

It might be barren land now, but its land that's scheduled to be booming soon. Between Illinois 173 and Swanson Road, where these stakes lie, area developers have a lot at stake.

"For us alone, it means between 700 million and one million square feet, which in turn is going to create a whole bunch of construction jobs," Sanches said.

But the project is at a standstill, after First Rockford Group developer Sunil Puri told the Rockford Register Star that his company needs more time before it commits to the sewer system.

"Most of developers, for reasons usually unknown to us, don't want to rush into a plan to locate on a facility on their property, until they know what they are going to do with the property," Steve Graceffa said.

In the next several weeks, the Rock River Water Reclamation District will present the sewage line document to project leaders. After receiving the plans, developers will have several weeks to tweak and iron out any problems.

"Until we send out an easment, and are actually denied that easement, its business as usual, and we continue our site work," Graceffa said.
Meanwhile, Landmark Development leaders say they don't know why the First Rockford Group is holding things up, but hope all parties will come through, and cross the T's and dot the I's.

"With all the land, all the homes, all the commercial retail, and all the jobs coming to the area, it'd be very irresponsible for us developers to now allow this to happen," Sanches said.