No Child Left Behind

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A member of President Bush's Education Transition Team made a stop in Rockford Saturday. The goal is to talk about the No Child Left Behind Act passed by President Bush last year. Members of the Rockford School Board and area teachers gathered to hear recommendations on ways to improve.

Under the No Child Left Behind Act, school districts are required to tell parents promptly that their child’s school is in need of improvement. With 23 Rockford schools on the academic watch list, this legislation is something that Rockford schools have been working on.

Phyllis Hunter spoke about the importance of reading. She says that it's not enough for a parent to move their child from a low performance school to a high performance school. But that the school district needs to put pressure on themselves to even out the education levels.

With reading scores in the Rockford Public Schools below average school board President Mike Williams says that this legislation will force the district to make improvements or face the consequences.

To learn more about the No Child Left Behind Act you can log on to If your child needs extra help in school ask the school about their supplemental education services.