Second Round of Protests

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These activists say that they hope two things come from Saturday’s rally. The first is to give another voice to the nations increasing objection to war, and the second is to listen to other nations around the world to give weapons inspectors there chance.

Hundreds of protestors chanted as they lined portions of State Street holding anti war signs to voice their dissent to America’s move toward a war with Iraq. Protestors say they are unimpressed with the United States' stance with Iraq. They say Secretary of State Colin Powell's presentation to the United Nations doesn't justify the use of military force and instead want inspectors to continue their mission.

Various cars including an ambulance honked to show support of this movement. Children were also lending their voice to the second rally for peace in Rockford since the word of war was first spoken a couple of months ago. Activists say they are rallying again to find a peaceful solution to the world's problems.

Some protestors say that if the United States could prove that Sadam Hussein is a threat to the rest of the world they would support taking steps against him. They say the Bush administration must prove that first.