Blagojevich Pushes Construction, Tuition Help in Speech

The governor today used his 39 minute State of the State address to promote a construction plan that he says would create 230,000 jobs.

The Democratic governor recapped the accomplishments of his first three years in office -- from expanding health care for children to raising the minimum wage.

His biggest proposal was a call for lawmakers to approve a 3.2 billion dollar plan for new roads, mass transit and schools.

Blagojevich didn't address how to pay for the construction plan in his speech today.

But he's recently proposed using a mix of general revenue, money from the state road fund and legalization of keno gambling in bars and restaurants.

Plus the Governor says he has a plan that will reward young people who go to college and get good grades.

In his State of the State address today, the governor proposed a $1,000 annual tax credit for freshmen and sophomores attending college in Illinois.

But Blagojevich says the credit comes with one catch: Students would need to keep a B-average or better to get the tax break.

He made no mention of what the plan would cost.