Carnival Company Shocked by OTW Cancellation

LOVES PARK (WIFR) -- A local carnival company that supplied all of the rides for On The Waterfront for 26 years, was caught off guard when they found out the festival wasn't coming back this Labor Day Weekend.

Patricia Skinner, Skinners' Amusement, says "It was such a shock! I mean we got 25 rides we have to put to work. So I mean we got 12 or 13 here but like in any business you got to know where you're going and I already had a contract for 2013. So I was comfortable in thinking we're all set for 2013... found out they weren't."

The cancellation sent Skinners' Amusement scrambling to find an event in Rockford for this weekend. Skinner tells us they had to turn down two other festivals before finding out Waterfront was not returning. Skinner says luckily they were able to set up shop this weekend at the Rockford Speedway.

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