Zoned Schools

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Tuesday night, the Education Committee started discussing Zoned Schools and now feedback is needed. Each year about 4,000 students do not get to attend the school that was number one on their list. So Zoned Schools are intended to break through the traditional four quadrants in Rockford. It's a new twist to neighborhood schools.

Assistant Superintendent Linda Hernandez says, "It used to be north, south, east, west but now we can draw it in so many ways."

The Education Committee decided that it's going to be up to an Advisory Committee to make that new map. Business leaders, community members and most importantly parents are now what is needed to develop a new Student Assignment policy.

School Board Member Mike Williams, "We're going to ask principals if they can find volunteers we want one representative from each building."

It’s going to be a major commitment to be a member of the Advisory Committee. Meetings will be held weekly since a new plan has to be presented to the school board by October. The 2007-2008 school year is the earliest Zoned Schools could be implemented. Zoned Schools will be developed by keeping in mind 6 set criteria all guidelines that the school board still must approve.