ZBA Meeting Cancelled

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Monday night, 23 News told you about Wight Partners pulling their application for an ethanol plant. On Tuesday more information came out about the ethanol plant. This week there will be no angry residents, no chances to cross examine and more importantly no zoning board decision. Since Wight has withdrawn their application, the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting set to take place at 5 p.m. Wednesday at Winnebago High School is cancelled.

Winnebago County Board Chairman Scott Christiansen says, “Of all the issues we deal with in county government I think this is the most scrutinized because there is a public hearing that everybody has an opportunity to question."

Wight is expected to re-file sometime over the next 30 days pushing the ZBA meetings to at least February if not March. There was a technicality on the land description located at 1951 South Meridian Road.

Christiansen said, “They've indicated that they are not at all backing off of this site. They like it and on the surface it looks good with fuel tanks right there and so close to US 20 and the rail."

Christiansen says Wight’s announcement is a chance for everyone to do some more homework. So the next time around no question can go unanswered. If the Winnebago County Board denies Wight's application, the company could not re-apply for another year.