Fuel Efficient Car Tax Credit

Governor Rod Blagojevich wants to give us 500 dollars if we buy a fuel efficient vehicle. He says this would reduce our dependence on foreign oil, save money on gas, and make the air we breathe a little cleaner.
Environmentalists agree. The director of the Illinois environmental protection agency, Doug Scott promoted this tax credit in Rockford today. He says vehicle omissions are a leading source of air pollution.
Cars that run on E85 omit far fewer harmful gases than regular cars. That's because E85 is mostly made up of ethanol, a corn based product. Hybrid cars get better gas mileage, and they're also better for the environment.

The vehicles that would qualify for a $500 tax rebate in IL are the following:
Toyota Prius
Honda Insight
Honda Civic Hybrid
Volkswagen New Beetle (diesel)
Volkswagen Golf (diesel, manual only)
Volkswagen Jetta (diesel)
Ford Escape Hybrid (front wheel drive only)
Chevrolet Monte Carlo (E85)
Chevrolet Impala (E85)