Geothermal Heating

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Geothermal heating has been around for more than 50 years. It's gotten a lot more popular since natural gas bills spiked recently. The owner of Rockford Geothermal says this technology provides heat in the winter and cooling in the summer.

"All were really doing is were extracting heat from the ground in the winter time and were taking the heat out of the home in the summertime and putting it back into the ground using a piping system that's installed under the driveway," says Biatte

Beattie has completed 20 geothermal systems recently in the Rockford area. He's pitched the idea to area businesses and the Rockford School District, which is in support of the idea.

"A longitude study of geothermal has shown an increase in attendance rate in schools by about eight percent because there's less burning of fossil fuels, especially during the winter. So it’s very cost effective," Dr. Dennis Thompson of the Rockford Public Schools.

No matter if you have natural gas heat in your home, you are eligible for a geothermal system. While the cost may seem initially high, Beattie says in the long run you'll end up saving hundreds of dollars.

"It really doesn't matter how much the geotherapy cost initially because their making their added mortgage payment from the saving that their realizing. So there saving money ahead from the first month."