Dance Instructor Finds New Studio Following Fire

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A local dance instructor who watched her studio burn to the ground last December is re-opening her doors at a new location.

Creative Movement Company was up and running for four months at 1975 Pawlisch Drive before being destroyed in an electrical fire in December 2012.

In the eight months since the fire, owner Claudia Tarara Chiodini was forced to relocate to 3010 Forest View Road and has built everything from scratch for a second time and says she keeps little reminders of what she went through.

The 30 year dance instructor tells us the experience has been challenging however she says she's never lost focus of why she started teaching.

"If you can touch that one kid's life and you can give them something to hope for and to live for and to look forward to in today's world, I'm hoping to be that person to give them that," said owner Claudia Tarara Chiodini.

The studio officially opens September 3rd.

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