Burpee Museum Shows Off Behind The Scenes Tour

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Burpee Museum collections manager Scott Williams loves to show off his workplace behind the scenes.

"When people go in there, and they see a polar bear and crocodile and their eyes light up, it's really kind of nice to be there and see the appreciation that everyone has for this stuff," Williams said.

These youngsters soaked in the special sneak peek, especially when they got up close and personal to the world's most unique animals and birds.

"They have to go out to different states to find all this different stuff, like the alligator. Washington, D.C. they had to go to," Patrick Schelm said.

"You get to see a lot of stuff, before it's on display and you can go and tell your friends and show it off to them," Allison Raasch said.

The Burpee Museum typically does three or four preview tours each year. Since most of the displays take years to complete, the walk-through showcased both the collections to come and collections gone by.

"You may come in and say, well, what happened to the shrunken head? There used to be a shrunken head here for 40, 50 years. Well, we still have it," Williams said.