ICE Cold Against Ethanol Plant

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It's the last weekend before a major chunk of Winnebago County land could be changed forever. That is why one group of residents is being “as cold as ice” in order to protect their property.

When residents headed to the mailbox Saturday a two page flyer was waiting.
10,000 documents are now circulating through Winnebago Township, Rockford Township, Winnebago County, and Rockford. The flyers give out important phone numbers and statistics. Residents are asked if they are ready to open the door to heavy industrial zoning.

Wendy Schneider organized Informed Citizens Engaged or ICE and tells 23 News, "We felt that it was important to get our position out in the community. We are raising momentum and awareness."

Wendy Schneider and 40 other citizens launched a township wide campaign in an attempt to stop an ethanol plant from moving in and setting up at 1951 South Meridian.

Schneider says, "We want to make it clear we are not opposed to the ethanol plant as a concept we are opposed to zoning change in question."

Those that feel that way have joined ICE or Informed Citizens Engaged. Aside from passing out pamphlets, this coalition has been busy making signs, hiring a lawyer and actively looking for a site in order to relocate the ethanol plant.

Schneider states, "We're a coalition trying to bring forth a solution for Winnebago County to be able to entertain ethanol plant just not in this location. ICE will have a website up and running very soon. If you would like information contact Wendy at 987-9886 or Maria Elam at 965-6065. The Zoning Board of Appeals meeting is still set to take place this Wednesday, January 18th at 5 p.m. at Winnebago High School.