Parent Protests Alleged Abuse

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – It wasn’t your typical scene outside the District 205 Administration Building today, where some parents picked up signs to protest.

HollyAnne Lewis is frustrated which clearly translates to the signs she and other supporters marched with in front of Rockford Public Schools headquarters. It’s the last resort for Lewis regarding an incident that happened wither six-year-old daughter at Marsh Elementary School.
“I went to pick her up from school and she was crying and she got in the car and she was still crying and wouldn’t talk to me so when I got her home she told me the lunch lady at school hit her.

The alleged incident happened in the spring. Lewis says she’s been trying to resolve the issue with administrators ever since.
“They assured me she was reprimanded but two weeks after the incident, I went and had lunch with her and I saw the lady that hit her working,” Lewis said.

Lewis was told that employee got a verbal warning, which she believe isn’t enough, so she put in a school transfer request for her daughter which was officially denied this week.

“I have to raise them here and if I don’t have a voice for her, who’s going to? You know they’re not doing it for her, who’s going to stand up for her?” the Rockford mother said.

Lewis says her daughter is scared to go back to Marsh. While she can’t transfer to any school of her choice, she does have the option to go to a charter school, if accepted. She also could’ve gone to Haskell Year-Round Academy, but at this point it’s too late into the new year.

Because this is a personnel and student issue, the District isn’t commenting on the specific case. However, they say they take steps to ensure students are safe and that there won’t be future incidents. As for school transfers, the district only allows them for things like documented medical reasons or if they feel there’s a future safety concern.

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