From the Pulse: Park 90 Now Open for Business

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UPDATE: STATELINE (WIFR) – The first phase of Park 90, the new industrial park off I-90 and 173 is now open for business. It’s a project expected to bring in more than a dozen jobs.

“We outgrew the buildings we were in.” Troy Steiner says the corner of I-90 and Route 173 is the perfect spot to relocate his business, South Central Pool Distributors. The supplier is one of the first companies to move into Park 90, an industrial space expected to bring more jobs and opportunities for the Stateline.

“We basically got our first pick at where we wanted to be. It just sets the precedence for the area, I know a lot of companies are going to be looking to come out so it’ll be very nice,” said Steiner.

Another unnamed company is expected to move into an 80,000 square foot facility next spring.

“It’s a bright future. This is the first phase of what could potentially be several phases out there,”

Greg Anderson says this is a good sign for attracting more businesses to Park 90 in 2014. He says both HMC, a local manufacturer and SCP plan to add about a dozen jobs next year.

“It’s definitely a destination and it’s definitely a location that’s attracting a lot of attention because of its ease of getting on and off I-90. The corridor through the Midwest, it’s an exciting corridor.”

We’re told even some fast food chains have showed interest in the location. Anderson says the goal is to turn Park 90 into a one stop shop with businesses and restaurants. He says there could even be a gas station in the area in the next year. We’re told developers are in talks with several other companies.

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MACHESNEY PARK (WIFR) – For the first time since the recession, developers are breaking ground on a new industrial park in the Stateline. It’s expected to bring in more than 100 jobs and this is only the beginning of what’s to come.

From dirt to development, local leaders are breaking ground for Park 90. The 200 acres of land at the corner of I-90 and Rt. 173 will become a new industrial park. It’s a plan expected to create 75 manufacturing jobs and dozens of others in construction.
Several manufacturing companies will be moving in this winter into what’s going to be a 90,000 sq. foot building, including local packaging equipment manufacturer, HMC and a pool repair company.

“With the access coming off I-90 and then to have two companies that are coming into this area, I mean immediately, I mean that’s a great sign for future growth,” said Machesney Park Village President Jerry Bolin.

That’s not the only thing to look forward to. Developers plan to build a few restaurants and hotels in Park 90.
“It’s going to be a one-stop location for companies to really move and give their employees other things to do besides just coming to work,” said Landmark Group Contractor, Bob Sanches.

Although that part of the plan will take a few years, Park 90 is expected to open in November.
This is the first phase of the project. The next one is expected to begin next spring. We’re told six other companies are in talks of coming to the area.

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