North Boone Referendum

North Boone administration went over the specifics of a March referendum on Wednesday night. Parents and other concerned citizens watched a presentation on what the $10 million referendum would entail. When it was time to take questions, the majority of them involved the bottom line. How with this affect my pocket book?

The referendum would not increase taxes until 2022, which is a big selling point presented by the district. But the referendum would prepare the schools for the growing influx of students through only about 2009. Questions were raised as to how the school will pay for more space at that time when they haven't even come close to repaying the current loan. Unfortunately, there is a limited amount of support from the state, and the district feels they need to address the issue now.

Paying the loan off many years down the line is based on the idea that residents who have lived in the Stateline for years won’t have to pay for those moving here.

The $10 million referendum would pay for additions and improvements to the school facilities. It would not contribute to any costs associated with employee's salaries or benefits.