National Guard Needs Help Packing

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The 333rd Military Police Unit in Freeport continues to prepare for their deployment next week.

As they do, volunteers are beginning to lend a hand but they still need more help.

The Illinois National Guard unit is in desperate need of manpower and supplies as they pack for an anticipated deployment date next week.

With the cut of a saw, and the turn of a screw, local volunteers are beginning to help the 333rd Military Police Unit prepare for deployment.

One hundred and fifty crates need to be built for this unit to transport the equipment they need overseas, and Sergeant First Class Tom Miatke said he is asking people to donate would ever they can.

The troops would ordinarily build these crates themselves, but they are busy training in first aid and other critical classes. That's why volunteers say they offered to help.

The unit still needs lumber, screws and additional manpower, so far they have built only one crate, and are using their own money to purchase supplies. And after hearing the reserve units call for help a Rockford man drove to Freeport to donate some lumber.

Now the unit has received a small budget from the state to help purchase supplies but they say with so many units being activated there isn't enough money to go around.

That's why they're asking for your help. If you are interested in helping call the National Guard Armory in Freeport at 233-0913.

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