Cleaning Up Allegations

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That is the firm the Rockford Public School board chose last year to take over the district's custodial duties. Board members got an update on how spic and span the schools really are this school year. Board members were presented with an update on custodial services. This was after numerous e-mails from staff members monitoring the situation inside the schools that are fed up with teaching in filth.

Last Friday the teachers union, REA and RBMA released the numerous complaints ranging from dirt to theft to chemical burns. Board members learned that GCA had proposed that cleaning the schools would only cost $5.1 million but the figure is now coming in now at $6.5 million. Some school board members questioned the lack of savings; others want to know how GCA monitors staff and all the complaints. Financial Director Tom Hoffman responded to the board's comments in the end by saying, "If these complaints won't be remedied you can guarantee I will be back asking you to re-bid this contract." After the meeting GCA defended employees.

GCA Regional Manager, Steve Gritzuk says, “If we don't do our job we don't deserve to be here. I do think our workforce has stabilized and we're getting the job done. Can we improve? Every year every day all of us can."

REA also made a speech to board members. In the speech, REA recommended that the district should just outsource night crews asking to bring back building engineers who they say knew the staff, buildings and students. GCA currently employs 213 people. That is a little short of the total number of staff they would like to have cleaning the schools.