Emergency Rooms

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This is the first report card that's ever been released by the American College of Emergency Physicians. Right now about 114 million people visit the ER, that's about 26 percent more than in years past.

Illinois got a "C" for its medical care performance placing us 22nd out of 51 states. Area hospitals say the grade is a tool that can be used to improve the quality of our healthcare system.

All states were based on a number of criteria from a lack of hospital beds, overcrowding, and medical malpractice. Doctors say the ER is supposed to be a safety net for patients, but many still have a fear factor.

Doctors say money is the other area concerning ER rooms in Rockford. Right now ER rooms are seeing more and more uninsured patients.

The report also reflects the need for more public health programs that would focus on disaster response and emergency preparedness.