Parents Get a Voice in School Cuts

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The Rockford School Board is preparing to decide what cuts are needed to balance next year's budget.

The Rockford School Board will have to decide sometime in March what programs or staff will have to be cut to make up nearly $20 million in red ink the district is facing next year.

Stephanie Caltagerone wants parents now to have a say in what stays and what goes.

"I've heard rumors on what cuts are being decided and they are not possible," said Caltagerone, member of the Rockford School Board.

The board decided unanimously to allow parents to give their recommendations, but some also see problems with that especially when it comes to cutting programs.

"Every program will have an advocate saying don't cut my program cut there's and there are cuts that have to be made," said Jay Nellis, Rockford School Board.

Something Caltagerone agrees with, but she says instead of having the board presented with a last minute list of cuts that are impossible, she says she wants to make sure that every possible avenue has been explored.

"It's going to come down to all or nothing and I don't want that," Caltagerone said.

If parents want to give their recommendations, they are being asked to do so by March 1. The board expects to decide on possible cuts at the first board meeting that month.