Home Rule Up For A Vote Monday

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This Monday city aldermen are also expected to decide whether to put Home Rule up for a vote. Last week, a city committee narrowly recommended that Home Rule "not" be on the March ballot. Members wanted more time and preferred the decision be made by a petition drive and not a city council vote. It's now up to the full council to decide. Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey says he wasn't surprised by the committee's opinion. However he says putting Home Rule on the ballot is in the city's best interest.

Mayor Morrissey says, “I think it's completely appropriate for our council to exercise it's authority that it’s been given by our state constitution and by voters who voted them into office to put issues of concern on the ballot. It's American. It's what we do."

Rockford voters removed Home Rule back in 1983. Morrissey says it's only fair that 23 years later voters are allowed to make the choice.