Hamilton Sunstrand Layoffs

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There are 163 employees at Hamilton Sundstrand who are starting the New Year with pink slips.

Union leaders got a letter Wednesday from Hamilton Sundstrand that confirmed their worst fears.

"The union was notified of the company's intent to relocate 130,000 hours of machining work to Singapore," says Ted Dever, UAW local 592 President.

This is one in a series of layoffs at Hamilton Sunstrand over the past few years. And many blame Sunstrand's parent company, United Technologies Corporation.

"When UTC took over there were 900 employees. Now there's 500 union members and soon it will be down to 350," says Dever.

This round of layoffs is at Sunstrand's plant on Eleventh Street. Union leaders say they believe the company's owners had their minds made up before they tried to negotiate.

Now the union is trying to get the company to accept their proposal of early retirement severance packages. Sunstrand will start shipping jobs overseas in the third quarter of 2006.