Kmart Layoffs

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What started off as just another working day for Deann Devlieger turned into a morning standing in the unemployment line.

Deann says she worked her shift as normal when k-mart managers called her into their office and told her she was being let go.

Deann had been an employee at the K-Mart on Sandy Hollow Road for the past six and a half years, and had already been through some cut backs. She says this is not the first time the company has laid off employees. It's done it for the last three years, but last august they made another round.

"Every single year you’re wondering if you’re going to have your job; every year you don't know. They just keep doing cuts and reconfiguring and nothing is stable anymore there," says Deann.

K-Mart has been racked by change and uncertainty since merging with Sears last year.