Neighborhood Watch Groups React to Recent Crime

STATELINE (WIFR) – The recent rash of shootings and homicides have neighborhood watch groups on high alert and residents are begging more of the community to get involved.

The Westgate Coalition Organization works on Rockford’s West Side and is made up of several neighborhood watch groups. Members say they need more people to speak up when they see or hear of suspicious activity to prevent crime.

More than a dozen residents gathered at Henrietta School today to address issues in their area like the recent homicides. Several people said they report crime when they see it, but know a lot of people who say they don’t want to get in the middle. The group says it’s working with neighborhoods to clean up the area, get to know more families, so they’ll speak up.

“We want to ask them to be the extended eyes and ears of the police department. The more people that are vigilant to what is going on in a neighborhood and reporting the crime, it is easier for the police department to solve the crime or even prevent it,” said James DeVoe President of the WGC.

There was also some concern about the City of Rockford’s curfew being too late, which could play a role in crime. We will have more on that tonight on the 23 News Update at 10.

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