NWA Ends Air Service

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The last passengers to fly on northwest airlines out of Rockford are now in Detroit. They left the Chicago Rockford Airport Tuesday afternoon.

Northwest passenger numbers had fallen. And in September, the company filed for bankruptcy. Employees at northwest were hoping to attract more business travelers here in Rockford. And a corporate spokesperson says they priced tickets competitively, but our market isn't able to support the airline.

Rockford Airport's Executive Director disagrees. Bob O’Brien says Northwest Airlines is partially to blame for not filling up their flights.

He says, "The mechanic strike and the company's filing for bankruptcy negatively affected business." A claim NWA officals strongly dispute.

As far as connecting flights to the rest of the country, United will pick up where Northwest left off. The airline starts service from Rockford to Denver on March 3. We'll be able to book connecting flights from Denver to more than 100 destinations.