Possible Mold Found in Capri Sun Juice Pouch

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – This story has been circulating on social media, and now it’s happening right here in Rockford. Capris Suns are hitting store shelves so damaged, they could make our families sick. A Rockford mom says she found mold in her case of Capri Sun, but found out only after most of her family drank their pouches.

Keishauna Minor says she found a gooey substance in her Capris Sun yesterday. She already started drinking it and says it made her sick.

“I was almost in tears after I saw that coming out of the straw after I was drinking it,” said Minor. “It was terrible.”

Minor is eight months pregnant and her mother Sandra Odems says she’s worried if the slime would harm her future grandchild. Sandra called the drink’s distributor Kraft Foods. She says the company told her what was living inside the juice pouch may be mold.

“I immediately grabbed my cell phone and got to my camera and took a picture of it oozing out the straw hole,” said Odems. “It was gross. Inside it was all still floating in the juice. It was just nasty.”

Sandra recorded video of the tainted drink.

Capri Sun has faced similar questions about mold in their juices before, so much so their website has a section dedicated to the problem. The site says the company doesn’t use artificial preservatives so if the pouches are punctured and air gets in, mold similar to what grows on bread and fruits may form. Keishauna’s sister Cassandra Banks says her family drank most of the juices in the case and is just glad her children didn’t get sick.

“[I] wouldn’t even get them for my kids anymore; that’s how bad they are to me now,” said Banks. “I can’t see what’s inside of [the pouch].”

Minor says she’s never experienced anything like this before.

“This is the first and worst and only experience I will ever have with this,” Minor said.

Her mother Sandra said she’s not sure if she’ll ask for her money back and only wants parents to be aware of what may be in their children’s drinks.

We reached out to Kraft Foods for comment but they were unavailable to do so.

The Capri Sun website says if you’re worried about the drinks in your home gently squeeze the pouch to see if anything bad comes out.

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