Stateline Driver Files Street Paint Complaint

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) -- The Winnebago County Highway Department has been re-striping streets. But that fresh paint job is becoming problematic for some drivers.

"I was driving on E. State Street, turned the corner, before you know it, paint all on the side of the car, " says Kelly Monson.

That's why she doesn't want to take her Mercedes Benz out on the road again after she drove over a fresh paint line on Perryville Road.

"I saw some trucks coming up ahead there were no signs warning me of any danger, nothing telling me of road striping going on."

A car wash and detail job later, the paint is stuck. Monson says the only way to get rid of the white splatters is a completely new coat of paint.

She wants the Winnebago County Highway Department to pay for it.

The department reports receiving at least 30 paint complaints every year when they stripe local streets.

Workers say there's warning signs on their trucks, in addition to a follow-up driver to keep cars at a safe distance.

Operations Manager Dan Davis says that can be harder for people to see in busy intersections, "it does dry relatively quickly, that's what it's formulated to do when you get the ideal situation. But if you can get to it within the first 24 hours it comes off the easiest, you can get if off with a pressure washer."

Monson says that didn't work for her. So she's pressuring the county to foot the $3,000 bill.

The Highway Department hopes to add more warning signs once they stripe county streets again after Labor Day.

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